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A History of Firsts

Bulova’s new 2016 ad campaign takes inspiration from its rich history of industry firsts—because just like history, life has many special “firsts.” They are moments we all cherish. Laugh, cry or romanticize. Relive them, because big, small or heroic moments stay with us forever. Bulova’s A History of Firsts campaign takes a modern look at life’s special “firsts”—using real families, real people, real relationships—and brings them to life with words and pictures. Celebrate them with us; take a look at some of our favorite “firsts”


Introducing the world’s first curved chronograph movement. Engineered to perfection, with a sleek ergonomic design and an ultra-slim case never before possible in a chronograph. Bulova’s exclusive high performance quartz technology with 262 kHz vibrational frequency ensures precise accuracy.

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Advanced timekeeping at its best, Intricately styled and infinitely accurate with our exclusive three-prong crystal Precisionist movement and continuous-sweep second hand, the collection exudes quiet confidence with sport and dress styles. The chronographs are particularly refined with precision timing to 1/1000th of a second and 12-hour chronograph function. Water resistant up to 300 meters.

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This beautifully crafted collection is simply exquisite. Fashioned with hand-set diamonds, feminine designs and luxe details, each piece adds a touch of flair to a woman’s personal style. Established in 1875 on New York City’s Maiden Lane, Bulova’s passion for artistry and innovation has made it a leader in diamond timepieces. Unique prong settings intensify each stone’s brilliance, letting light in from underneath.

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The sporty Marine Star is highly functional, yet refined enough to pair well with office or weekend wear. Available in chronograph and water resistant to a minimum of 100 meters. Select styles offer durable lightweight Duramic™ nylon-ceramic composite, ratcheted unidirectional elapsed-time bezel rings, screw-down crowns, alarms and tachymeters.

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