Joseph Bulova opens a Jewelry Store, J. Bulova, in Maiden Lane, the southern tip of Manhattan, New York.

It becomes the origin of the brand.


Started manufacturing and selling pocket watches and clocks. With a great response, the company aims to switch to a luxury watch manufacturer in this period.


Established a watch manufacturing and assembly plant in Bienne, Switzerland. We promoted the standardization of production and established uniformity of quality more than ever before.


Announced the full line of jewelry watches for men for the first time.


The head office was relocated to Manhattan 5th avenue. For the first time in the world, an observatory was installed on the top floor of a high-rise building, and observation records were used to set the time of the product.


Renamed Bulova Watch Company


Announced the full line of jewelry watches for women for the first time.


The watch manufacturer developed the first domestic radio commercial. ""At the tone,it's eight o'clock,B-U-L-O-V-A WATCH Time."

It was considered an innovative approach in marketing.


In recognition of Charles A. Lindbergh's achievement in The World's First Solo Non-Landing Flight in the Atlantic Ocean, he announced his nickname "Lone Eagle".
It later appeared in Bulova's advertising and became a best-selling model.


The world's first watch radio was introduced.


Started manufacturing electric watches.


Broadcast the world's first TV commercial.
The telop "America Runs On Bulova Time." was televised before the baseball broadcast.


During World War 2, which began in the same year, he delivered a number of military watches to the U.S. military.


Established Bulova watch school in Queens, New York. More than 600 people have graduated in 15 years, providing vocational training and employment support to rehabilitate soldiers injured in World War 2.


Cooperated with the Vanguard satellite program, the U.S. Navy's early space program.


The world's first tuning fork electronic watch "accutron" was introduced. It was highly praised by the world for its high accuracy within one minute of the month difference.


It is adopted as the official watch of air force one dedicated to the United States Presidential plane. during the 36th Presidency of Johnson, Bulova was given as an official gift to leaders and dignitaries.


Developed satellite clocks. It was installed in a high-rise building in Mexico and used as a public clock for the entire city of Mexico City.


Accutron's timekeeping device was mounted on Apollo 11, the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon, and installed in Sea of Tranquility.


The first quartz watch in the U.S. "accu quartz" was released. Instead of tuning forks, vibration quartz crystals are provided to further improve accuracy.


Premium line "accutron series" is released. Tuning fork marks are trademarks.


Celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding. October 4 was designated as "Bulova Day" by the Mayor of New York.


"Bulova Precisionist" is announced. Equipped with high-precision quartz that generates high vibrations of 262.144 kHz, which is eight times that of normal, it also realizes a sweeping needle with smooth movement.


In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Accutron's birth, a "spaceview" reprint model was released only worldwide. (discontinued model)


The company moved its headquarters to the 29th floor of The Empire State building in Manhattan.


The world's first curved chronograph movement "curv" was introduced.